Easyjet fr

Easyjet fr

Published: 27 Dec 2014 08:56 GMT+01:00

French unions at low-cost airline easyJet announced a New Year strike on Friday similar to a Christmas work stoppage to press demands for better scheduling and pay.

Unions representing French cabin crew said they had informed the airline of a new strike on December 31 and January 1.

The leading SNPNC-FO said around 80 percent of French cabin crews had observed this week's strike on Friday, but that no flights had been grounded beyond the 38 the airline had cancelled ahead of time.

That was about 20 percent of the flights the low-cost airline operates with French cabin crews. EasyJet operates more than 1,200 flights daily.

Eric Cunnac of the Unac union said the airline's use on Fridady of British cabin crews on French flights "was a way of breaking the strike".

SNPNC-FO representative Laurent Nicolas complained that easyJet had specially flown in replacement cabin crews and had offered them up to €140 ($170) to work the French flights.

An easyJet spokesman confirmed it had flown in British cabin crew staff who had volunteered to work.

The unions complain that easyJet is making too many last minute changes to the schedules of cabin crew staff, and oppose making bonus payments dependent upon customer satisfaction when much of the passenger experience is determined by check-in and luggage handling that is outsourced to other companies.

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Source: http://www.thelocal.fr/20141227/easyjet-hit-by-new-year-strike-call-in-france


Easyjet fr

Published: 20 Dec 2014 07:57 GMT+01:00

EasyJet flight attendants, angry over scheduling and pay, announced Friday a strike expected to force the low-cost carrier to cancel about half its flights in France the day after Christmas.

Though workers from SNPNC-FO and UNAC unions said their strike is to start on Christmas, there are no flights scheduled that day, so the walkout will only impact travellers flying on December 26th.

EasyJet said it doesn't know exactly how many workers are to down tools, but anticipates fewer than half of flights will be impacted.

The British airline will know the extent of the strike Tuesday because aviation workers are legally obligated to announce strikes 48 hours in advance.

The workers are upset over the number of changes made to their schedules and have demanded a larger share of the company'sm profits.

EasyJet employs some 600 flight attendants among its roughly 1,000 workers in France.

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Source: http://www.thelocal.fr/20141220/easyjet-strike-grounds-france-flights


Easyjet fr

Angry over salaries and work schedules, flight attendants of the French branch of low-cost airline EasyJet announced Friday they would take strike action on 25 and 26 December.

However, as their are no flights scheduled for Christmas day, the walkout will only affect travellers flying on 26 December.

Aviation workers are legally obliged to announced strike actions 48 hours in advance, so EasyJet said it would know the extent of cancellations on Tuesday.

But general director François Bacchetta told AFP agency the company expected "less than half of flights" to be cancelled.

"On Monday, we will preemptively cancel a certain number of flights in order to transfer passengers, so they can adjust their plans," he said.

Workers are upset over schedules that "can change twenty times per month", making "family life totally impossible", said Laurent Nicolas of the SNPNC-FO flight attendants' union.

Bacchetta acknowledged the demands of the industry were "complicated" and that he understood the "frustration" of workers.

But he was less lenient with protests over salaries, which he said were currently entering annual negotiations.

EasyJet employs about 1,000 people in France, including 600 flight attendants.

Source: http://www.english.rfi.fr/visiting-france/20141220-easyjet-france-flight-attendants-call-christmas-strike


Easyjet fr


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