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TRIPS [ trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights ]

News about the TRIPS Council and intellectual property in the WTO, prepared for non-specialists.

> Follow specific TRIPS issues. e.g: TRIPS and health; geographical indications; protection for plants and animals, traditional knowledge and biodiversity; etc. See below .

Intellectual property rights and the TRIPS Agreement back to top

What are intellectual property rights?

Intellectual property rights are the rights given to people over the creations of their minds.

Basic introduction to the WTO’s intellectual property (TRIPS) agreement

From “Understanding the WTO”, an introduction to the WTO, written for non-specialists.

Economics of intellectual property — primers

A series of informal guides to support technical assistance on economic concepts and analysis for policy issues related to intellectual property and trade

(1) Relevant concepts (pdf). (2) (Coming soon)

A more detailed overview of the TRIPS Agreement

Find decisions of WTO bodies concerning the TRIPS Agreement in the Analytical Index — Guide to WTO Law and Practice



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10 Things Not to Do on a Cruise


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