Low costs

Low costs

2013 was the year of the revolution of the ‘mobile marketing’ concept. Mobile marketing refers to marketing actions addressed to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Nowadays mobile use has extended in such a way, that mobile marketing has turned into a great opportunity for all types of businesses.

Every day there are more and more users that access the internet on their mobile devices in places related to the use of traditional desktop computers (84% of them access the internet on their smartphones at home, 71% in bars and other establishments, 62% at their workplace, etc.). Mobile internet is used for all types of inquiries: checking e-mail accounts, chatting on instant messaging or social media apps, information search, reading news, playing games, downloading all kinds of files, etc.

The last thing users see before going to bed is their smartphone and the first thing they check in the morning is also their smartphone, so why don’t you take advantage and use these smart devices to advertise your company?

SMS mobile marketing offers a great deal of benefits. It can help you reach all types of mobile users: the ones that own a feature phone and the ones that own a smartphone. They give you the opportunity to create mixed mobile marketing campaigns (you can include an address in your SMS that will lead to a mobile optimized landing page that contains a specific promotion). But let’s see what are its main benefits:

  1. Low cost. It allows you to optimize the processes and reduces your company’s operating costs. The cost of an SMS mobile marketing campaign is a lot lower than the cost of advertising on traditional media (radio or newspaper advertisement, TV commercial, etc.).

  • It’s personal. You can send text messages that contain sender’s personal data, which can contribute to the fact that your users identify themselves with the text message they receive.

  • Instantaneity. Mobile technology give companies the opportunity to communicate with their users in a quick and comfortable way, so the companies are more competitive with every day that passes.

  • Segmentation. The receiver can be classified according to specific criteria (gender, age, education, location, date of birth, etc.). This will help you create different text messages and implement strategies according to every group’s needs.

  • Interactivity. Through SMS you can predict the actions that will take mobile users in the face of a specific stimulus. According to several marketing and consumer behavior studies, you can establish dialogues with your users so you can receive feedback in a bidirectional way.

  • Measurability. The use of mobile allows you to assess the efficiency and control how your SMS mobile marketing campaign is going in real time. This way you can make adequate decisions or change your strategy, if necessary.

  • Virality. In most cases SMSs are automatically saved on users’ mobile phones, which is great news since they can send them to other users creating brand awareness.
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    Low costs

    Simple, avoid companies that use machine translation in the process! Translation cost may seem lower when using machine translation but in the long run it may be damaging to your reputation and involve more costs than an initial professional translation.

    Why is it damaging?

    The translation is first carried out by a machine and then a translator tidies it up to make sure huge errors are avoided.

    But this means that the translator does not have contact with the original text and if the machine does not capture the exact meaning of your text the translator may not realize it and make the proper changes.

    The translated text may be grammatically correct but may not have the same meaning as the original text.

    That is why at USA Translate all translations are done by a professional translator and all proofreading done by a native professional.

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    Source: http://www.usatranslate.com/translation-costs/


    Low costs

    16 июня 2014 г.


    Low cost franchise businesses are gaining great success and growth with each day because of less investment, timely high returns, less risk and easy to manage are funding to a large extent in the popularity of the low cost FRANCHISE BUSINESS.

    Less investment. To buy franchise affordability is depend on your budget. In mostly cases, low-cost franchises is used their personal savings by people. This way you can save time-consuming and avoid the bank credit and FRANCHISE TRADE can relax without any tension rising interest rates.

    Easy to start & operating. low cost franchises often in an excellent position and outputs. This time required to start afranchise business in India and even women entrepreneurs and retired participants can invest in a franchise because of low costing & less risk. Franchise of big budget require big place, lot of outlets adjustment, equipment and goods so this is expensive and low cost franchise retail can work well with minimum requirements at home, less staff & outlets to operate the business.

    High profits & less risk. Low cost companies can offer more benefits to their owners and more flexibility in terms of time. They are more freedom to focus on franchise. Due to low investment, is less risk into this franchise model for business and can easily invest in a company at a low cost without additional cost.

    Better chances. There is better chance of great margin for franchisees to invest in any business according of your interest in the low cost Franchise in India and increase number of new players.

    We can say that low cost companies offer an opportunity for anyone and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their business and gain more revenue.

    Source: http://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140616104733-21087430-benefits-of-low-cost-franchise-business


    Low costs

    Well, it's cheap and readily available, and low-cost ice models could help inventors design products more quickly.

    The efforts highlight the quest to find low-cost alternatives to safely detect underground explosives.

    Geo-Games event plans are low-cost. easy to implement, and adaptable to your school's resources and needs.

    He is also credited with creating a pioneering, low-cost method of preparing laboratory smears.

    Game publishers generally sign low-cost synchronization licenses-as if the music were being used incidentally, in the background.

    When it comes to this category of kitchen gadgetry, low-cost and simple wins.

    And these scientists are offering up some simple, concrete, low-cost solutions to the broad problem.

    One low-cost way to recruit them is to use the cap-and-gown order form.

    One of the simplest, low-cost -but-high-impact upgrades you can do is replace your showerhead.

    How a low-cost. lightweight pump is changing the economy of a nation.

    Source: http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/low-cost



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